How To Find Mr Right

Mr Right

When we start dating, women have a notion brewing inside their minds about the qualities and traits of Mr. Right. Initially, standards are formed based on verifiable factors, such as college degree, financial status, religious beliefs and family background. Then, the qualities you look for become more profound. Besides the superficial traits, you want your future boyfriend to have the following qualities.

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Four Character Traits of Mr. Right

1. Charming

The start of a relationship is made up of illusions. You see a guy who can sweep you off your feet and you automatically assume that every day you will spend with that guy in a relationship will be filled with the same magical feeling of being charmed by a handsome prince. Blame it on the fairytales and the romance novels you consumed during puberty, but the fact is that your guy must be undeniably enchanting for you to give him a second look.

How to find a charming guy in your workplace, in the gym or in the supermarket? You might not be able to see him immediately, but he’s there somewhere. Look for a guy whose eyes twinkle when he smiles. If a guy can talk to you with a smile in his voice, you can bet he can charm your socks off.

2. Compassionate

True to the fantasy, the ideal guy must be able to emotionally connect with women as well as everyone else. These guys know how to share another person’s happiness, grief and loneliness. Mr. Right must always be there to lend a helping hand to anyone who’s in trouble. You don’t have to look far to find this guy. He might already be in your circle. Observe how a guy friend treats you to understand how compassion works. Is he there when you’re having a rough time? He might just be the ideal guy you’re searching for.

3. Driven

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not money that attracts women but the ‘potential’ to make money. In a sense, men who are more driven towards attaining their goals have better chances of dating women than the guys who are simply going with the flow. The only way you can find out if a guy is ambitious or not is to talk to him. During your conversation, casually ask what his goals are, where he will be a few years from now, and what he hopes to achieve in the future. A guy who knows what he wants will have a ready answer to those questions.

4. Responsible

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A quality man can prioritize well. He has to be able to handle being a provider and a husband in the future. Someone who’s reliable in the work place could be Mr. Right. Someone who has this trait won’t be seen drinking after work when he has to drive home.

Now, it’s time for a warning!

A guy might not appreciate the spot you prepared for him on the pedestal. In fact, he might not want to encourage your thinking that he is infallible. This is the main reason why some girls cannot find dates. A guy knows he is far from perfect, and so the idea of living up to your expectations will make him uncomfortable.


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