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Reviewer: Brenda Benson   
Website Reviewed: review by Brenda Benson. Online dating has mounted in acceptability with the growing number of individuals who choose to interact with others without leaving their homes. Now, technology has made it possible to identify the best possible matches with some dating sites, which enable online daters to find and connect with people who complement their personalities and lifestyles. One such dating site offering this unique matching service is Match Matrix.

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In a nutshell, this system tells you ahead of time if you and your potential date will jive. This unique matching method considers the dater’s preferences, lifestyle traits and personality modifiers. You just have to know what your partner’s birthday is and you’re good to go. Here are some of the life aspects that the method looks into when you use it to determine your compatibility level.

1. Talking style – logical vs. emotional

2. Activity Level – moderate vs. super

3. Financial logic – conservative vs. non-conservative

4. Sexual Response – mental emotional vs. physical

5. Personality type – achiever, manipulator, engager, perfectionist or controller

Cost of Membership  

Unlike other dating sites, this one offers paid membership to people who want to use the dating match indicator. A monthly payment plan costs $69.97, and here are the benefits of membership:

  • Credits to use theMeNuRelationship Potential Indicator: 80 credits for a Gold membership and 100 credits for a Platinum membership.    
  • Generous Discounts (up to 35%) on all Match Matrix products, such astele-seminars and podcasts, coaching sessions for groups and private coaching (one-on-one). 
  • Use of the Match Matrix forums where people discuss specific dating scenarios and help each other look for solutions for various dating problems.  
  • Discounts on products to partner membership sites 
  • Access to special and exclusive promotion  

Who Will Benefit Most from This 

Men and women who actively use resources for online daters can get all the information they need about their potential partners using Match Matrix’s unique dating system. If you’re more cautious about falling in love and communicating with strangers, you will be able to maximize the benefits of membership. Of course, you can do it the ‘normal’ way by interrogating your potential date about his emotional and physical aspects but (as you probably already know), doing this will cause unnecessary tension and aggravation.

The fact is, no one wants to get grilled for information about their inner wants, so if you’re the type that wants to be completely sure you’re compatible with someone before rushing into commitment, you can sense out your partner’s personality discreetly and accurately by using this matching system.

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What Results Can You Expect 

If you are able to find someone who’s completely compatible with you, you can expect to have better sex, less inhibitions, and the potential for more fun. Connecting with someone else is always a risk, but you can minimize this risk further by putting your personalities under a microscope and looking for indications that you are indeed a perfect match!