What Do Men Really Want In A Woman

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Men can be unpredictable, which drives women crazy with love and with confusion in equal measures. The thing is, a guy won’t readily tell you what he wants so you have to find out for yourself. But the thing is, you know you must zero in on what really gets his emotional juices flowing to avoid feeling anxious about your relationship. After all, you’re well aware that your guy might just get distracted by the many temptations that abound in the workplace, and in other places. You think that if you can address his exact needs, you will be able to prevent that from happening.

Discover Which Women Men Adore Now

You’re probably right. If your guy is not as connected with you, and not as committed to your relationship as you would like him to be, he might just buckle under pressure when other girls start giving him the eye.

So, the solution is quite obvious. You have to access his psyche and identify the issues you must address to make your boyfriend fall in love with you even more.

Read on to find out the three traits that you must have to make your boyfriend fall in love with you completely.

1. A man wants a woman he can connect with emotionally

A guy can only be emotionally open to a woman who he feels is his ally. If you can create that type of connection with him that will motivate him to put in his best effort to making your relationship work, you’re all set.

Emotional support is something that men need because they don’t really have the means to blow off steam like women do. Think about it. Men are programmed by society and by tradition to be strong. This is the reason why most men will simply leave rather than argue some more. They can’t cry in front of anyone, and sometimes, even when they’re alone. If you can make him feel that you have his back and that you will support him all the way, he will start trusting you with his many emotional needs.

2. A man wants a woman who can control her temper when he’s ranting.

We all have our moods, and your man is no exception. If his mood is off and he’s behaving like a brat, how will you react? Will you explode in anger and lose your temper? Will you cry and tell him he’s scaring you? If you’re really set on keeping your relationship, you must control your temper even when he can’t control his. Let him blow his top and suppress your urge to shout back. If possible, leave the room while he’s seething. Usually, the problem is not related to you, but he zeroes in on you because you’re in the way. Be the yin to his yang by staying in control when he can’t.


3. A man wants a woman who can stay independent.


No matter how many times a guy asks you to follow his lead, you must never lose your sense of self inside the relationship. Sacrificing a huge part of your personality to please your boyfriend is not the answer to a lasting relationship. You might think you’re compromising, but the reality is that you’re turning into someone else. Remember, you have qualities that attracted him in the first place, and if you lose those qualities, he loses his attraction for you.


Be The Woman Men Adore, And Never Want To Leave 


If you feel like pursuing your career, do it. If you’re passionate about studying again, go for it. A man loves a strong woman, and your perseverance and dedication to something you really want will make your man respect you more.